What's New in Dan Armstrong's Home PageEverybody
2016.09.05Porting site over to SemanticCMS
2016.07.26Wow, time really flies! Technical changes to keep this site up-to-date with the AO Industries Website Framework changes
2005.11.21Updated dans-home.com to use the AO Industries Website Framework
2005.11.20I added the rest of the Army Poems
2000.04.06I finally finished adding Bill Kennedy's Poems
2000.02.07Listen to the long lost Duty Driver song!
2000.02.05Listen to my Bass Playing
1999.12.12Search the Quotes
1999.12.12Brand new page
1999.07.22The Van - Why?
1999.06.29Description of my van
1999.05.28Added the full line of Rockford Fosgate Woofers
1999.05.24What does my Resume look like today?
1999.05.18Short Stories, including Eddie
1999.05.18I have lost too many Good Quotes in the past, now I am collecting them
1999.05.11Added the line of Orion HCCA Speakers which are also accessible through the Speaker Database
1999.05.09Purged the bookmarks, added a couple hundred links
1999.05.08Added links to Search Engine Registration
1999.04.25Scanned and added pics of family, friends, korea, and my van
1999.04.24Added about 50 pictures of family, friends, and places
1999.04.24Speaker Database allows you to view, download, upload, search, and compare speakers
1999.04.21Password controlled access to selected parts of family pictures
1999.04.20A monitor test applet
1999.04.19The Army poems are complete
1999.04.18Added John Greenawalt's Poems
1999.04.18Added Bill Kennedy's Poems
1999.04.18Added Anonymous Poems
1999.04.18Added Walter Lee's Poems
1999.04.18Added Brent Steffen's Poems
1999.04.18Added this What's New page
1999.04.18Added Tommy Noble's Poems
1999.04.17Added Dan Armstrong's Poems