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Daniel Ray Armstrong
7262 Bull Pen Cir
Mobile, AL 36695
(251) 607-9556

Resume for Daniel Ray Armstrong


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Work Experience

February 1999 to Present - Contract for Caterpillar Inc. through Pro-Tech Search Inc.

  • Appreciating the opportunity to learn the culture of one of the world's largest corporations
  • Caterpillar Account Registration System

    Information Security Web Site

    Information Protection Guidelines

    Security Awareness

    • Operated in HP-UX and Windows NT environments
    • Constructed the worldwide and high-profile Caterpillar Corporate Information Security web site
    • Produced a security awareness daily tip system to selectively display prioritized information
    • Created an interactive process to guide the classification of Caterpillar confidential information
    • Utilized JavaScript to simplify maintenance and improve performance of web pages
    • Developed
    • Devised a Java search system which does all processing on the client for instant search results
    • Created web interface mail system with attachments
    • Developed the InfoSec Forum, a real time discussion group
    • Responsible for reviewing the security of Caterpillar web sites around the world
    • Built mirror web sites in multiple languages
    • Created a web-based password checking tool in multiple languages
    • Representative for Information Security on developing internal web site processes
    • Processed virus report information and displayed statistics over time
    November 1994 to November 1998 - United States Army
    • Intense application of the Java programming language to aid in intelligence collection, analysis and reporting
    • Wrote Java software from graphical user interfaces to number crunching server applications
    • Produces fast, clean, reliable and readable Java code
    • Created a centralized online database, replacing an older distributed system in which information flowed slowly, in order to store target information and increase the timeliness and accuracy of reports
    • Multilingual vocabulary studying software utilizing the Java AWT API
    • Text editor with built in descyption in order to speed the analysis of intelligence information
    • Two dimensional compressed object database in a client/server application
    • Java client/server application experience, including the creation of client software that runs equally well in a browser or as a stand alone program, leading to much more flexibility in accessing the cient software
    • Very strong Java threading experience
    • Wrote a file manager incorporating button bars to easily access information in a timely manner
    • Hold a current Top Secret-Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS-SCI) clearance with over a year remaining
    • Know procedures for working in secure environments and understand the importance of confidential matters and material
    • Operated in SunOS 4.1, Solaris 2.6 (Unix) and Windows environments
    • Object Oriented Programming and Design
    • Programmed in the Bourne shell and C shell scripting languages
    • Composed web pages using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Java Applets
    • Devised text utilities in the C programming language
    • Engineered encryption and decryption software in both C and Java
    • Created and maintained Hypertext Transport Protocol (HTTP) served databases
    • Assisted others in the use of job related software
    • Supervised a team of twelve personnel in several simultaneous missions in accordance with tasking, resources and priorities
    • Trained incoming team members beyond standards
    • Worked in a team to prepare task lists and task standards for training
    • Reviewed mission readiness tests for accuracy
    • Keyboard at over 80 words per minute
    June 1993 to October 1994 - Inter/Pac Systems Inc.
    • Instructed the Chief Executive Officer in the use of MSDOS 6.22, Windows 3.1, Microsoft Word and Draft Choice
    • Prepared drafts using Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) software
    • Designed and manufactured product prototypes
    April 1992 - Ace Commercial Cleaning
    • Developed accounting and billing software in Microsoft QBasic
    • Trained the users in the use of the application, MSDOS 5.1 and Windows 3.0
    July 1990 to October 1990 - IBM
    • Presented IBM PS/2 personal computer systems to local high school students
    • Demonstrated the use of Linkway (a hypermedia development tool) to K-12 educators

    Goodfellow Air Force Base, Texas
    Apprentice Far-East Cryptologic Linguist Specialist Course - 1996

    Defense Language Institute - Monterey, California
    Vietnamese Basic Course - 1995