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Brent Steffen's Poems

December 9, 1996

I'm sitting here being bored
I say to myself Good Lord
I sit at a terminal
Trying to write subliminal
(I can't think how to end this)

I'm not as good at this stuff as you are

October 2, 1997

Written by John Greenawalt and Brent Steffen

Brent's busy burying his head in the books
Hoping to get ready for the brain-wracking board
John keeps giving wes these looks
Hoping he'll add to his hoard

I wonder whom Brent is trying to impress
Studying up on that butt-smooching technique
John has this very bright dress
On weekends his name is Monique

Not many are as scrawny as poor Steffenite
Who gets his jollies by beating little dogs
John thought he would have a really hot night
So he went with ol' McDonald to the Hogs

Those pigs were tons of squealing wonder
But thinking of Brent they seemed a little sad
Not that I'd ever think or ponder
Your poems seen to be very bad

After much thought and provocation
John came back with something very wrong
From what I was taught of anatomic location
Brent might not be male for long ;)

heh heh :}