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Army Poems

This is the collection of all the poems that were written via email during my time in the Army. This is all that I have to show for over two years of my life spent using millions of dollars of government equipment.

Many of the poems in these pages contain foul language and vulgar content. Please exercise some discretion in who you allow to view these poems. Read at your own risk.

Anonymous   I am not sure who wrote these poems from my Army days.
Bill Kennedy   Poems written by Bill Kennedy during long evenings of boredom at work.
Brent Steffen   Poems by Brent Steffen.
Cat Bergstrom   Poems by Cat Bergstrom.
Dan Armstrong   Poems by Dan Armstrong.
John Greenawalt   Poems by John Greenawalt.
Josh Scott   Poems by Josh Scott.
Tommy Noble   Poems by Tommy Noble.
Tristan Wolfe   Poems by Tristan Wolfe.
Walter Lee   Poems by Walter Lee.
Wes Ramsey   Poems by Wes Ramsey.