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Tommy Noble's Poems

November 28, 1996

dan dan he's so fat
the other day he ate a cat
he coughs up claws and lungs and furs
every now and then he even purrs

November 30, 1996

costs money to drink from his bar
costs money to ride in his car
always coming home broke
your money he'll soak
and put it all in his jar

one day josh awoke with a terrible itch
and noticed that he had just slept with a witch

he then climbed out of bed with greatest of care
but the witch did awake and gave him a glare

she asked why he crept like a common house thief
to leave her confused and stricken with grief

with josh in a daze and his mind all a flutter
he attempted to talk but could only stutter

"although your a lovely and courteous witch,
i was worried that you might have gave me this itch!"

she laughed and she howled as she climbed out of bed
and the boy in a panic wished he was dead

and as the witch dressed in a hurriedly fashion
she started to speak with vengeance and passion

because your a coward i will give you this hex
for with no other woman will you ever have sex

this is your punishment for the crime which you pay
is for being the worlds most dispicable lay

but the truth i must tell you as an honorable witch
is that i didn't give you that terrible itch

and now as a favor i will tell you josh
that if you dont want that itch, then for God's sake, wash!!!!

tommy noble