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Wes Ramsey's Poems

August 27, 1997

For months on end I've tried to think
of what the heck makes tristan clink
how can he spend all his hard(ly) earned money...
and some of mine and bill's I think, "Not funny."

tristan tristan you try so hard
not to spend money that you haven't barr'd (borrowed for you non-hicks)
you make a mere $1146
so why, you ask, do we shout and throw sticks?

that 1146 carries you pretty far
but what to do when we go to a bar
"Hey Bill! Hey Wes! I need some gas...
and if you wanna get back, how 'bout some cash?"

Maybe it's just me,
but I really can't see...
how you can make 11 hundred,
(it's all gone by the 6th)
but you somehow spend 17.

I have an idea
I think I know...
when Tristan is in his room all alone
he turns off the lights
and picks up the phone
then he hears that sweet voice
"Was that just a moan?"

now you might think "How considerate of him!"
to spend all of his money calling his kin...
but it's not his dad
and it's not his bro
it's that 1-900-dial-a-ho

October 2, 1997

Billy Billy you're so silly
You're always wanting to bang some filly

But Wolfe didn't know that you were a ho
When he said that he'd play with you li'l dilly

But in came Dan to save the day
He said, "I always knew that Bill say gay!"

Bill Bill Bill its fun to play
But like you said, only with the big "double J"

Joshua Jericho on the prowl
Makin' those women scream and howl

You used to be the shit, but now you ain't it
Your busy searching for the bottom of a pit

Call me superman or whatever you want
I don't care, as long as you're blunt

I save democracy on a daily basis
Trying to make up Chinese computer viruses

"Analize this! Report on that!"
"Up yours, sir!"....whatever

You know its the plan where oughta be a ban
nobody's quite as awesome as the Wesman!