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Walter Lee's Poems

December 18, 1996

I knew a guy named Dan
Who was a big Laker fan
When he heard about Magic
He thought it was tragic
So he cried 'til teardrops ran

Whatd'ya think, huh?

December 30, 1996

Noble is a peeping Tom,
the story goes back to when we were in Nam

We were kickin' it in the middle of the jungle,
me? I was trying to be humble

But Tom, so young and so brash,
(plus I think he was high on hash)

saw some movement just over that hill,
and went leaping like Jack and jill

We were just smokin' endo and being mellow,
but crazy tom? no, he wanted to be the hero

I yelled to him, "hey," but he was already gone,
next thing I knew we were surrounded by Cong

We shot out way out and came to this village,
where we thought we would basically pillage

Over there Tom saw this hut,
while his hands were busy scratching his butt

He thought to himself, "must be the enemy HQ,"
but that fool, he never knew

Charging the hut, all full of wrath,
he came upon a women's bath

Thinking himself the king of the bush,
all he saw was some naked tush

Lesson learned: the "Bushmaster"
almost met upon disaster

Needless to say,
we'd laugh all day.