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Bill Kennedy's Poems

Bill Kennedy is a man from Wisconsin who somehow ended up being a Tagalog linguist in the Army. He had many car problems and would often ride to work with me. He has experienced Da Van and will attest to its abilities. Currently a civilian, he is living in Hawaii with his (I'm sure lovely) Air Force wife.
May 15, 1997 A poem about Tristan, his money, his car, and his punctuality.
May 25, 1997 A poem about Dan and his van.
The Blue Camaro A poem Bill wrote about his car.
West Virginia Vacation A poem Bill wrote about Josh being from West Virginia.
June 26, 1997 A poem Bill wrote about fireman James.
Tristan's Personal Debt A poem Bill wrote about the amount of money Tristan owes.
The Green Machine A poem Bill wrote about Walter Lee's 1970 Torino with a new 429.
Investing Man A poem Bill wrote about Tristan's investment strategy.
My Roommate Mikkel A poem Bill wrote about Tristan's and his roommate Mikkel's relationship.
Fireworks at Tristan's Place Read about Tristan's 4th of July experience.
July 15, 1997 Bill's sick mind got let a little loose here.
July 25, 1997 A little ASCII art of Web Ramsey.
August 8, 1997 Representative of Bill's continual infatuation with Hitchcock's penis.
August 10, 1997 Bill's poems about Tristan from August 10, 1997.
September 24, 1997 Bill, about Tristan, and money
October 1, 1997 Bill, about Hithcock, Tristan, and alleged homosexuality